Aug 20

My first visit to a Poppy Field

My first time in a poppy field

As I stepped in to the poppy field for the very first time it took my breath away.  The pure scale of such beautiful rich vibrant and delicate flowers in an endless sea was too much. My second thought was the connection to fallen soldiers and then striking link we have to finding answers in nature.  I recently read a cheesy pinterest quote that said…

“Dive into nature.  It will bring you right back to your intuition.”

And I really felt that way standing in the poppy field post lockdown.  Everything we are unsure of, doubt, feel guilty for can be soothed to a point in nature.  Just by being there and feeling present in the moment.

So here are some of the shots that I took in that glorious poppy field.  Simply put it was awesome.

I hope you found this helpful & thanks for reading!

Emma x




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